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New Business Launch

Brand identity
Brand aesthetic & logo
Marketing communication strategy
Website content strategy
Website design and build
Marketing & sales coaching

Bright, thoughtful and kind are the words that come to mind when we think of our experience with CAVEA Studio. Lisa and the team were always available and responsive and welcomed all of our problems like prodigal children that needed understanding and guidance.

CAVEA provided us with the framework to help our thinking and a push when we needed it which ultimately led to our launch. We have continued to rely on CAVEA ever since.
— John Corless, Fred Henderson, Vern Gomes | owners
Groundfront website by CAVEA Studio


Tea rebellion

New Business Launch

Brand identity
Brand aesthetic & logo
Marketing communication strategy
Packaging design
Website aesthetic

CAVEA studio has been Tea Rebellion’s partner in helping to design, position and launch.

I chose CAVEA because I felt that working with this team of engaged and intelligent women was the right fit for me as a professional leaving a corporate career and starting out as an entrepreneur. As an ex-strategy consultant from a large firm, I wanted someone who knows the brand development process, challenges my thinking and brought creativity and design to my more analytical mind. CAVEA was the perfect choice for me.

Each of the CAVEA’s team members provided a slightly different perspective and all together gave me what I need to bring this new brand to life.
I have stayed in close contact with CAVEA since my launch in 2017 and it’s been amazing to have their continued feedback and input as Tea Rebellion launches into new products and grows into a sustainable business.
Thank you for being such a valued partner to myself and Tea Rebellion.
— Annabel Kalmar | owner
Tea Rebellion website by CAVEA Studio


bronwyn singleton therapy

New Business Launch

Brand identity
Marketing communication strategy
Website design and build
Business coaching

I wasn’t even sure what branding meant when I started working with CAVEA, but I was determined to do everything I could to support my new venture. Hiring CAVEA is the smartest investment I’ve made in my business to date. My branding and marketing plans have helped my business grow quickly, targeting the exact client base I wanted to reach. I was so thrilled with Lisa’s guidance that I hired her team to build my website and I’ve continued to meet with her in a coaching capacity since my business launched. Lisa is knowledgeable, resourceful, and results-oriented. I always leave our meetings feeling focused, energized, and ready to move my business to the next level. I truly believe CAVEA is invested in my success!
— Bronwyn Singleton | owner
Bronwyn Singleton Therapy - website by CAVEA studio


GREENSTRIP by Evans Engineered Plastics

Product logo design
Website design and build

Evans Engineered Plastics Greenstrip Logo by CAVEA studio


Shannon Petrolito Hair Artistry


Logo design & brand aesthetic
Business card design
Website content creation
Website design and build

Working with CAVEA was an easy and pleasurable experience. I was overwhelmed with “where to begin” when I wanted to revamp my website and logo. But after a few meetings, CAVEA was able to put me at ease and hone in on what I wanted my rebrand to look and feel like for my clients. Thank you!
— Shannon Petrolito | owner
Shannon Petrolito website by CAVEA Studio

More Kind Words

Lisa and her team at CAVEA are AMAZING. Just sitting down and hashing out ideas leaves me feeling inspired and ready for the next step. Lisa knows her stuff and is an encyclopedia of information!
— Samantha Montpetit-Huynh | owner Sam Core Trainer

Lisa McGrath and her team will give you all the tools you need to grow your business. Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and invested in the success of her clients.
— Aviva Allen | owner Healthy Moms Discount Card

Lisa is a wise woman with many years of branding experience. She’s definitively the person to talk to if you’re thinking of taking your business in a different direction, or if you need to get more clear with your business identity and its goals. Lisa is friendly and easy to talk to. She helped me establish my brand identity, client demographic and future direction. I highly recommend!
— Maria Velve | owner Green Beauty Expert

Lisa is an absolute wealth of knowledge. She takes her time and looks over every aspect of your business to fine tune it to perfection. No stone unturned, Lisa puts in the work and explains everything so well, which I really appreciate because I was not overly familiar with some business terms. I felt like with Lisa’s (and CAVEA’s) expertise and help, my business was definitely going (and growing!) in the right direction. Love CAVEA!
— Seanna Thomas | owner The Nutritionnaire & Hockey Snacks